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Maxis Broadband Self Care Portal Tips

posted Jan 28, 2013, 9:54 AM by Haris Hashim   [ updated Jan 28, 2013, 9:57 AM ]


Dear Frustrated User,


Are you from website, redirected to for self care portal registration?

Or worst, for some reason being redirected to which then have the url shorten to and upon clicking "Create an account" redirected to

Confused yet? Well a confused user is a good user. More so when that blue icon that pretty much say "Login using Facebook" is there. To bring confused user into their comfort zone. Why fill up so many information when taking the blue pills is so damn easy?

Here is my theory. Can be true can be totally untrue. That MLP page is honey pot for FB user. And FB is the best tool ever created to spy on other people. Connect the dots. You get what I mean.

Sounds extreme? Because otherwise, have no idea how to explain a major telco in 2013 that requires 2 separate login identity for billing and a way to check usage balance. With customer service that direct clueles user to a clueles page.

The Tips

If you are still reading. Bravo! Afterall, knowledge is not free but earned.

When creating new account in just for the kicks of checking own internet quota. I did stumble into several very basic mistake for the year of 2013.

1 - If you get a sim card and the package is without voice. Most probably the answer should be HSDPA instead of Home Wireless Internet. HSDPA is a very mysterious word for non technical people. But this is 2013, to become Maxis customer is to expect the unexpected.

2 - What the hell is the sim number? So you wonder and you click on the "click here to view sample" link. To find that number on actual sim or the card it came with. Only that after typing the sim number (as per the example) and the IC number. The following message is seen.

This number don’t exist for this service type.

3. Compounded by the fact that field for IC number is so mysterious that you start to wonder. Should I enter the '-' symbol in NRIC number? Should that part of the IC number be left blank?  So above error message may means mistake in IC number or the sim number. Afterall, both are numbers.

No stress. You are not wrong. Rather the page is wrong.

The Answer

Simply this. The given sim number example just point to the sim number. But it is not to be typed as shown.

Same with NRIC number. It is common sense that IC number is separated by the "-" symbol. Failing that, to be separated by space.

Same answer apply to both points above. Simply type sim number and NRIC number without space (or '-'). Not very obvious, but it does the work.