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An Open Blog to DBKL (or is it MPS)

posted Feb 10, 2015, 11:39 PM by Haris Hashim   [ updated Mar 21, 2015, 9:51 PM ]

The Story Begins ...

About a month ago I noticed an overpowering garbage stench just outside the house. A quick check does not reveal anything. For example, I would expect to see a garbage truck to smell that kind of stench. But non can be seen nearby.

So that day I just file it in my brain as "Unsolved Case of Smelly Smell"

The Mystery Unfold ...

It so happen about 2 weeks back (30th Jan). I came back home around 11.00 am after doing some errant. Lo and behold, there is a garbage truck parked in the vicinity. That alone should just put a dot on the mystery and close this case. A garbage truck is smelly, logically speaking may cause that stench. Which should conclude this story.

If not for what the garbage truck was doing.

Apparently those garbage trucks contain smelly water inside. Gathered along during their rubbish collection trip. My theory is that around 11.00 am (few hours into their trip) they have to discharge this smelly liquid somewhere.

Let's get back to the mystery.

If the truck cause that smelly smell. When the truck leave, the smell should leave with it. Right?

Unless ... err unless what!

It is elementary dear Watson, they left something behind!

The Plot Thicken

It so happens, I caught them red handed while emptying this fouls smelling liquid into the drain. I am talking about a drain that is not so deep, hence the smell is very "accessible". To make thing worst, there were spillage on the roadside. Just mere meters from several houses in the area. More smell!

So I took some picture and have a good talk with one of the workers. In which, I point to them that this is a residential area and not a dumping ground. They stop the deed (which is like 2/3 halfway through) and left.

So on that day my brain filing is something like this "Root Cause Discovered, Case Closed Unless Repeat"

Here is some picture from that day.

Garbage Truck  Dumping

The Story End ?

But that is not the case. Today, coming back from a very late breakfast. Again I saw this practice in its early stage. Again they saw me, stop what they were doing and leave. The same truck and the same foul smelling liquid. Not so much like last time since they saw me coming.

Drain with the liquid 

I am not your neighborhood friendly super hero (i.e. Spiderman) to be there everyday around at 11.00 am to make sure that this never happen again. Nor am I the Dark Knight (i.e. Batman) who can hang upside down on the tree (as pictured, I mean the tree, not me hanging upside down). Catch them in the act and leave them tied upside down (again on the tree as pictured) for the police to find (one might note that Batman only work after hours, so this might not be applicable after all).

In Conclusion

So here I am, doing the best I can do the soonest can be done. Blogging it and putting some picture for other people to see. Perhaps later on I can do some research and decide the right place to complaint. Or maybe fire some email to the right authorities, linking to this blog,

The place this happen is in Taman Intan Baiduri. Perhaps someone can leave a comment whether I sould go to DBKL or MPS (i.e. Majlis Perbandaran Selayang). I am pretty sure that DBKL worker does not wear yellow. The truck itself does not have DBKL printed on it. At the same time this can be an outside contractor. Or it can be MPS garbage truck. Hmmmmmm .... thinking ... thinking.

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