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Bonita on the Cloud

posted Jan 7, 2012, 9:18 PM by Haris Hashim   [ updated Jan 8, 2012, 6:24 AM ]

Got a chance to play with bonita. And thanks to a friend, to deploy it to EWS through TurnkeyLinux.

Anyway, I am going to dump information here first. and perhaps laterdo a proper writeup. So please take this ad on going draft.

The first challenge was to download Bonita. It is open source but a little bit not developer friendly when it come to downloading binaries.

My first stumbling block

 is with downloading binaries for Linux. As I am using Windows and automatically I am redirected to Windows binary page. Finding the right download page take some time until I got this

In my case, I have to register and give BonitaSoft my email address (which is pretty much fine) and phone number (raise an eyebrow, I hope they don't call that 0123456.. number).

Second stumbling block

is what to download. In fact, downloaded few things only to find something else is needed. In my case the two required download is
  1. Linux 5.6.1 - Bonita Open Solution for Linux (This install the studio)
  2. Bundles 5.6.1 - Bonita Open Solution Deployment (This needed to install execution engine and user experience)

Off course I am not done playing yet. So above information might change.

The third stumbling block

is the important part and the most interesting. When I write that Bonita is not download friendly, this is the reason.

Apparently, even after registration and login. Still unable to download. It turns out using DownThemAll download manager on Firefox is the cause of this. It download fine using save as or save to computer. Which is insane, because of my slow (mobile) (snail) internet connection (being throttled and all by DiGi, which is my mobile broadband provider and also the bane of technology advancement in Malaysia, just for the reason of their throtling after 3GB limit). It takes 1 day plus to download ~300MB needed.

At this point my good friend suggest using wget on the server to directly download. This is a verry fine idea since it would save time downloading and then uploading again to server.

But, as in download manager case. The download URL will not work with wget (error is forbidden). After some cursing and wasting time finding alternate download location. A work around is found.

Simply initiate a download using Firefox save as. Open the download window and right click on the downloading item to get the download link. Use download link with wget. All goes sweetly but waiting for another 4 hours to download.

After download is finished, simply follows this guide.

and not this guide

Why? Because the actual guide shoved by Bonita documentation (which is the second link above) is incomplete near the end. It does not say anything about copying "bonita" folder to $CATALINA_FOLDER. Just compare both guide and see for yourself!

Which bring me to my next stumbling block.

Fourth Stumbling Block

Is how TurnKey Linux tomcat deployment separate the tomcats folder.

  • /usr/share/tomcat6
  • /var/lib/tomcat6

Worst is that both path contain the webapps folder. So when war files were copied to the first path webapps folder, nothing is actually deployed. And there I was refreshing the deployed bonita url and seeing  404 page not found. Shutting down tomcat moving out and moving in back the war files into the (wrong) webapps folder. Face palming and screaming inside, why the war is not expanded into app folder.

It turns out the second path contain the correct webapps folder. And the rest is history (mystory?). This time arround, moving the warfiles to the right webapps folder immediately result to the war being correctly expanded. And, the reason for celebration, that bonita URL is working by immediately asking for login and password.

Yahoo! Not the search engine, but the inside scream of happiness of finally seeing something works!so

What is the next stumbling block then! Well I can feel in my blood how using open JDK might be it. Even have sun JDK on standby somewhere. But so far it does work. So stay tune until next time.